Development of mobile webpages

Web site visitors today use various devices to access web pages. You’ve probably visited a website with your mobile phone or a tablet, right?

In 2008 the share of visitors from mobile devices was negligible (below 1%), but since then that share is steadily increasing and is approaching over 50%  according to statistical data (as of October 2019, source: Wikipedia). This means that every second visitor to your web site is using a mobile device that:

  • probably has a lower resolution than PC’s, but certainly has a smaller screen size;
  • doesn’t use a mouse for navigation, which can cause inconvenience when navigating through the pages isn’t designed for touch input.

There are basically two approaches in designing a mobile web site:

  • we can prepare an independent mobile site that is dedicated only to visitors with mobile devices;
  • we can prepare your main website to be mobile friendly (design and functionality).

Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. With our years of experience we will be happy to advise you in choosing the best options for your mobile website.

Although the production of mobile web pages is usually considered only when creating or renovating existing Internet sites, you should consider the adaptation of your existing site just for visitors with mobile devices, as the number of mobile visitors has already exceeded the number of desktop visitors.